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Music study at an early age develops skills that are non-musical such as discipline, motor skills, coordination and concentration; attributes that are necessary in all areas of life.  Teaching music properly and creatively can add much joy, inspiration and direction in each student's life.





Our History


Since 1988, The Amali Music Is Fun Program has proven that anyone can play and enjoy a musical instrument, given the proper exposure and instruction. The Amali Music Is Fun Program has demonstrated the ability to stand the test of time as it fulfills expectations of those who chose to experience music using this concept.



Our Vision

As the awareness for exposure to music continues to grow, The Amali Music Is Fun Program is committed to offering  solutions, facilitating that  exposure through forums and individualized teaching.



Our Value

We recognize your need for excellence.  Those who have been exposed to The Amali Music Is Fun Program have testified to the effectiveness of this approach as expectations are fulfilled and results are clearly seen in a very short time



Our Commitment

Emphasis on specialized group teaching gives this approach a focus, enabling specific needs to be met through small groups where participants are exposed to instructors who clearly understand our goals and are committed to help us reach them, always. 



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