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Children need a rich musical environment in which to develop. Our music curriculum includes opportunities to explore sound through singing, moving, listening, playing instruments and relevant enrichment activities.



They will learn how to play the piano/keyboard.  Participants 5 years and older will also learn to play the recorder, an easy way of re-emphasizing theory and notation concepts.





Although the recorder is much easier to learn than instruments such as the guitar, clarinet or the violin, very often it is associated with toys rather than taken as a serious musical instrument.


Yet, amidst these obstacles, the Amali Music Is Fun Program considers the recorder as one of the most valuable instruments for teaching music to children.  Unfortunately, the recorder is sometimes abandoned because it is perceived as a childhood toy.


The Amali Music Is Fun Program leads young musicians to an open door, presenting music to them through the recorder music helping them to discover another side of life. 



Music professionals seem to agree that the piano is a excellent instrument for children to start on, simply because when they push down on a key they produce a beautiful sound as opposed to other instruments where you can sound awful for months.


The professional also agree that no other subject taught in school can compare with piano lessons simply because no other study teaches a child so many different skills and abilities, while at the same time giving him so many rewards and returns for his efforts.


The Amali Music Is Fun Program has developed simple strategies for learning the piano and students are able to read and play the piano/keyboard from their very first lesson.







The Amali Music Is Fun Program is built on the belief that it is never too early to begin exposing children to music.


When asked when should parents start singing to their children, the composer and educator Zoltán Kodály said, "at birth," and then corrected himself. "Nine months before the birth," he said.


The Amali Music Is Fun Program introduces the young musician to singing through familiar songs and endeavor to use songs from other cultures.


The songs learnt are performed at recitals, open houses and at community events.


The young musicians are exposed to age-appropriate songs, thereby increasing the likelihood for them to enjoy and learn from this important experience.







All participants will engage in enrichment activities.   Enrichment includes evaluations by our board of professional musicians and will be presented with verbal and written evaluations, motivating and inspiring our young musicians as they work towards a goal.  Other enrichment activities include participation in recitals, open houses, HOPWAPs, community events, award ceremonies, TV productions etc.









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